"Many thanks to ITS for helping locate a position that fit my skill sets in my industry. I really appreciate their professionalism and thoroughness during my placement." - Serena F.
"ITS Representatives are incredibly professional and responsive. They have gone out of their way to learn my qualifications and interests in employment options. They have kept me in mind as appropriate positions became available. When it was challenging to re-enter the workforce after taking a long break to raising children, they believed in me and gave me a chance to prove myself. I would highly recommend ITS to people looking for employment and to potential clients looking for assistance with their staffing needs." - Sheri M.
"ITS is a wonderful company with hardworking and friendly employees.  They placed me in many different companies to gain the experience for my field. I am now working at a company that I love." - Jessica
"ITS has been wonderful in guiding me with my job search. Within 2 weeks I was had 3 interviews and a job offer and it was orchestrated wonderfully through ITS. I cannot say enough great things. The women working there are thoughtful, understanding, determined, know their trade and the job climate incredibly well. On top of that they are professional and helpful the whole way through the process. ITS has checked in with me to make sure my position and new company fit well and I'm sure if they didn't find the right spot for me the first time (which they did and it was painless) then they would be right there to help me figure out the next steps. I have already referred friends to this group and I believe in them wholeheartedly. Keep up the great work!" - Jacqulyn S.
"I worked for Progress Energy for 28+ years when I was forced to pursue another avenue of work as a result of the merger between Progress Energy and Duke Energy.  A couple months before my last day of work I prepared my very first resume and downloaded it to three different websites.  Literally the very next day I received a call from Ashley Hunt of ITS informing me of an available position with a great pharmaceutical company in the Raleigh area.  I met with Ashley a few days later to discuss my resume and within days I had an interview with the Company.  Ashley kept me informed throughout the process until I landed the job.  I have been working there for almost 6 months. 

The entire staff of ITS is very professional and so easy to work with.  From actual office visits to weekly email follow-ups, every time I have had contact with ITS it's been a pleasurable experience.  I have recommended my former coworkers and friends to contact ITS to pursue employment.  I am so happy that my first experience with a recruiter was with Innovative Talent Solutions.  Thank you for everything you have done for me!" - Melony Hill
"ITS helped me land the job that I have been waiting on for quite some time now. I was working a job from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm every day and it was leading nowhere and had terrible pay for the job I was doing! ITS contacted me because they saw my resume online and left me a voicemail. When I checked my messages that day and I almost didn’t call them back because in the back of my mind I was saying: “ANOTHER temp agency”!!! This turned out to be the BEST temp agency that I have ever worked for! There processes are so quick yet thorough. They kept their word on everything that they told me from day one. I am now a Property Management Assistant for a company that has GREAT perks and GREAT people to work with. ITS helped me accomplish that! Thank you ITS and staff!!! I would recommend anyone to come work for your whether it be part time, full time or just temporary! THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!" - Cynthia Norwood
"The dedicated staff at Innovative Talent Solutions is determined to place candidates in a position where they can excel and make an impact in the workplace.  They act as a mentor during the interview and hiring process.  Once ITS places you in a position, they continue to monitor your progress with weekly check-ins.  I am employed at an outstanding company thanks to ITS." - Amanda W.
"So far I have no complaints and I am so thankful that ITS is there to help people like me who are looking for the right job for them and ITS helped me achieve my dream job! I am certainly working my hardest to become full time by the end of my 6-month contract. ITS employees show their true and genuine care for their clients and always ask for updates and are always available if needed with quick response times.
Thank you to everyone at ITS " - Heather
"I am forever grateful to Ashley and the ITS team for their hard work and expertise. I moved from the state of Georgia to the Research Triangle for the amazing opportunities here, and I was referred to the ITS team by a previous contractor. Ashley met with me personally to review my skills and experience and she then aligned all of my attributes to current position openings. The ITS team was with me every step of the way offering encouragement and advice. ITS has a great reputation here in the Triangle and it is very evident by the caliber of businesses and clientele they serve. Before I even moved into my new apartment, I had interviewed, been made an offer, and accepted a position! I am very happy with my current work situation and I would highly recommend Innovative Talent Solutions to anyone!" - Amber
"My experience with ITS has been and continues to be great! I feel like my experience and knowledge was matched up for my assignment perfectly. The staff is extremely caring, responsive and professional. I would recommend their service to any one!" - Jennifer
"I've never had any agency work so hard on my behalf.  Ashley Hunt is one of the most professional, considerate and resourceful people I know.  She is definitely the person you want to have in your court. She works hard to give you temporary assignments when a full-time one may not be available. 
I've known Ashley for several years now and have never been disappointed in the service I've been given. The office staff is professional, friendly and ready to meet any employment need.  

They are terrific and I highly recommend them!  They feel like family." - Deb A.
"I interviewed with ITS right after I relocated to Raleigh in 2013. I had settled into a position that I found on my own and I thought that the job that would launch my career was out of reach and that ITS had forgotten all about me. I got a call from one of the fabulous recruiters at ITS out of the blue (They remembered me!), I interviewed, and I was placed into my dream position! I was skeptical of a 'temp to hire' position but I was immediately assured once questions were raised. The entire staff is so helpful and encouraging throughout the entire assignment and their family mentality and strong core values completely changed my opinion of what the right staffing firm can offer! ITS makes you feel like you're a part of their family and they definitely provide you with the help and encouragement often needed for the daunting challenge of an employment/career field transition. I highly recommend utilizing the services of ITS! I can't say enough good things about ITS and I am so thankful to the entire team!" - Brianna J
"The ladies at ITS helped place me with a wonderful company. I am ever grateful for the opportunity and their constant effort in making sure I was placed in a position right away. I’d gladly refer anyone seeking employment."
-Andrea M. -