How to Pitch Yourself for a Job in Raleigh NC

When interviewing for a job you want to be able to have an intelligent, free-flowing conversation about your skills.  It is not always easy to talk about yourself. Oftentimes, it is difficult to describe your qualifications and put into words your experience. You have to do more than just say, “I think I am a good person for the position” or “I am a hard worker.” You need to back up why you are the best candidate for the job.  

In order to tell an employer “why” you need to take a look at “how”.  How can I describe who I am and what I have to offer? How do I describe my skills and qualifications?

The time to discover the how is not right before the interview. Spending some time preparing these answers can make a big difference in your interview and the conversation you will have with the hiring manager. 

Being able to articulate traits, skills and qualifications will give the employer answers to why they should hire you and if you are the best fit for the position. It will also convey self-awareness, strong communication and analytical skills. When you are able to express clear answers to interview questions the hiring manager will take notice.

We would highly recommend spending time assessing your skills prior to interviews. When selling yourself, you need to be specific. Spend time creating categories and lists of specific skills such as:

-Knowledge-based skills: This is education and experience. For example, computer skills, languages, training, certifications, and technical ability.

-Transferable skills: These are skills that can go from job-to-job. For example, communication and people skills, problem solving, detail-oriented, self-sufficiency, professionalism, and planning skills.

-Personal skills: These are your unique qualities. For example, dependable, reliable, friendly, hard-working, a team player, enjoys challenges, and creative.

When you have completed your list choose a couple of skills that match what the company has listed in the job posting. It is always a good idea to keep your skills and qualifications mutual with the job you are interviewing for.

Also, once you have narrowed those skills be sure you have examples of how you demonstrated them in your last position. Again, another way to be prepared!