Free Certifications You Can Get to Boost Your Resume

Sometimes, a college degree alone may not be enough to set you apart from the rest of the applicants for a job. Earning supplemental certifications is a great way to show an ITS client that, not only do you have more specialized knowledge about relevant topics, you also take the initiative to seek out that knowledge in your free time. There are dozens of free certifications available online for a variety of topics. Here are a few of the best ones from reputable organizations:


Google Ads – Google is the most used search engine by a wide margin. Almost 95% of all internet searches are done through Google! That’s not even taking into consideration the prevalence of YouTube and Android devices. Google Ads are a good way to effectively reach a large, targeted audience. Google offers courses in Google Search ads, video ads, mobile ads, and more to get you ready to run your own Google ads campaign.

Google Analytics – Google Analytics is the most widely used analytics platform on the market because of its versatility and ease of access. Having access to website analytics is vital for modern businesses. It allows you to set clear goals, formulate more precise strategies, and identify problem areas in your marketing tactics. Even if an ITS client uses a platform other than Google Analytics, a Google Analytics certificate shows that you have an understanding of analytics as a whole, which is encouraging to any company looking for a new addition to their marketing team.

Hubspot Academy – Hubspot is a powerful tool for any business. It combines the utility of WordPress, Mailchimp, and SEO tools all in one package. Hubspot Academy offers a variety of free courses with certifications to teach you how to properly use the service. If you can demonstrate that you understand Hubspot, you show our clients that you understand all of the fundamental aspects of working in marketing.


Cisco Cybersecurity Introduction – Cisco is one of the leading technology and cybersecurity organizations in the United States. They offer a course/certification outlining how to protect a business from potential cyber threats.


IBM Analyzing Data with Excel – This course will give you a crash course on how to import, filter, analyze, and present data using Microsoft Excel. Taught by IBM instructors, passing this course shows that you understand how to effectively process and visualize data.

Online certifications are an excellent way to demonstrate that you are highly motivated to learn as much as possible about your field of expertise. Just obtaining one or two can help set you apart from other applicants.