Why Should I Use a Recruiter as a Job Seeker?

There are various ways to search for jobs nowadays — job boards, networking events, LinkedIn, and recruiters — and it may have you wondering which method is the best for you. With all of these options that you can do on your own, why would you go through a staffing agency? Staffing agencies bring a lot to the table that can make your job search easier and increase your likelihood of landing the job you’re searching for. 

1. A helping hand can make all the difference:

The personal help and attention a recruiter will provide you cannot be matched by Indeed or LinkedIn. Here at Innovative Talent Solutions, for example, there will be a recruiter with you through every step of the job application process to guide you and answer any questions you may have. Job boards try to mimic this with video tutorials, blogs, etc. Still, none of those can compare to having a real human being giving you one-on-one attention to ensure your application process goes as smoothly as possible. 

2. Staffing agencies bring the jobs to you:

Let’s imagine you apply for a job and have a great resume, but unfortunately, they choose another applicant. If you were applying through a job board, this would be the end of the road. You move on and start over from square one. With a recruiter, however, this could be the beginning. Recruiters will keep your name and resume on file if you are a suitable applicant and recommend you for jobs you’d be a good fit for. This can easily result in you landing an interview without even trying! 

3: You can find jobs you won’t find elsewhere:

Not all jobs are posted on job boards. Specific recruiters may only post some jobs. This alone makes staffing agencies an intelligent way to search for jobs. Given that these jobs are not on the major job boards, there are significantly fewer applicants, which increases the chance that your resume is reviewed and you are selected for an interview. At the very least, using a staffing agency gives you options you will not find elsewhere and will significantly increase your chances of landing a job.

If you’re searching for a job, at the very least, staffing agencies should be one of the options you’re exploring. One application through a staffing agency is worth more than 1000 “Easy Applies” on LinkedIn.  

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